☆Ms Hot Sexy 2012 Sunrae Suntzu☆

Thank you Lillous, Harleybeth, Laylah and Tiffani for giving me the honor of the Ms Hot sexy beach crown.  Thank you Anrol and Steve for the hard work and time you put into bringing the pageants to us and thank you all for being here to share this exciting pageant with us.  And a special thank you to Alex for your patience and understanding as I trudged forward preparing for this pageant.

I love the glamour and the glitter of beauty pageants and having the opportunity to participate in them goes beyond anything more exciting than I have ever done in SL.  All of you contestants are amazing and beautiful, the competition is fierce.  I am proud to walk the runway with each of you.

I am so excited and gracious for this achievement and thank you again judges, I know how difficult it is to judge these pageants, we appreciate you giving your time.  I always do my best to represent CWS with dignity and honor; we are all truly the best, thanks to CWS.

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