☆Ms Top Model 2012 Janet Brink☆

Crown Winner of 100,000$L
Ms Janet Brink Top Model 2012
Crown Winner

This is such an honor for me to again win the pageant and also best talent.  This one was so much fun to put together, especially the 1920's gown.  I shopped so long for that gown, until friends told me about Sonatta Morales Vintage clothes and hair, it really did the difference for me.  The Yellow Theme talent was difficult, not many songs about 'yellow', the Beatles had a couple, "Yellow Submarine", "Here Comes the Sun", and Donovan with "Mellow Yellow", and all I could think of was to dance.  I hope all the models at Classic with Style get in the top ten of their contest, and take the time to do a pageant.  You can not believe how much you learn from doing one, it is a 'must do' to enrich your modeling career.

It has been half a year for me now, and I continue to grow in knowledge of this wonderful career of modeling.  Classic with Style has been a stepping stone for me and I am starting to become acknowledged outside of our agency.  The school as given me the confidence needed to succeed, it is hard work, and a lot of you valuable time, but the enjoyment you can attain is the very best in Second Life. I love modeling, and I love sharing my knowledge and ideas with all, I am on daily and will always do my best to help anyone.  I am only Janet, no different than anyone here, I hope all at Classic with Style friend me, I so enjoy being here, this is my family!

I would like to thank Anrol and Steve, and the wonderful staff at Classic with Style, for all the help they have giving me, especially Anrol and Steve for providing the wonderful stages and runways to help me pursue my modeling career.  The teachers here are amazing they all continue to help me, and answer all of my numerous questions, you all have been wonderful to me, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  There is no school in Second Life with this approach to modeling, the continuing help and training long after you have graduated, the daily events, the weekly shows, we have it all here.

Again I truly like to thank my wonderful partner, Ziva, for all the support she has given me, pushing me into modeling, make all of my wonderful shapes, and giving me a shoulder to cry on.  I thank her for being a mentor to me, and also to so many others that have been such a wonderful help. 

Love and Kisses to all,
Janet Brink

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Anonymous said...

That last dance is pretty bad but guess not much you can do in second life