University of Classic W/ Style Modeling School

University of Classic with Style Modeling School
(university site here:
This is the modeling school that you should be in SL!
3 weeks to be great Model in Sl, only here because We are Simply the Best!

What can we Offer for you?

  • Exposure in second life.
  • From amateur avatar into pro model.
  • Simply the Best techniques in modeling.
  • Certified Diploma on graduation day.
  • Graduation toga gown.
  • You will be our famous fashion model after graduation.

You will learn the following Steps from us!

1.  Lag issues in sl
2.  How to organize a model's inventory
3.  Modify your body to look like a model.
4.  Making an outfit  for a fashion show
5.  Loading your ao's with your poses
6. What poses to use
7.  Using your poses in world and camera techniques
8. walking straight on the runway
9. What skins and shapes to use to look like a model.
10. You will learn our different formations on our runways.

Each students will get their evaluation from each trainers here.

Why train with us?

1. We are the hottest fashion in second life
2. Our model trainers are great teachers in modeling.
3. We have trained people who have their own modeling agencies and fashion business.
4.  Other agencies have copied our style because we are Simply the Best!
5.  We have weekly fashion shows.

How to Enroll to be a model student here:

1.  Request an enrollment application for Sunrae Suntzu, Kiralyn Destiny or Janet Brink.
1.  Complete the application and send it to Sunrae Suntzu and title it Student "full name"
2. Enrollment fee is 10,000 lindens, includes your diploma and toga gown for the graduation,
see our diploma sample On this Blog
All enrollment  fees are non-refundable.