Fashion Shows

   Classic w/Style modeling and fashion
We have weekly fashion shows here for our CWS designer's stores.
We also do fashion shows for other designers. Our professional models are the best trained in SL and our fees are very reasonable.  Here is what we offer:

** All fees include a review in our Glamour magazine about your fashion show, store and sim. We have over 4,000 subscribers in our magazine distribution.

** We will design an invitation to send out in our groups and any other groups that we have advertising rights in. We will also give you a copy of this invitation to send out in your own groups.

** We will write professional descriptions for the presentation of each of your designs in the fashion show.

** We will give you the option to select from our models the ones you want to use for your show. If you choose to select the models yourself, we will hold an audition for you at our runway.  (We use our own CWS models only).

** We will provide models to display as many outfits as you want in your show (fee is based on number of models you need, based on number of outfits).

** We give you the option of having your fashion show at your place of business or you may choose to have it at one of our runways.

Contact Sunrae Suntzu for more information and our fee schedule.

We also have store space available in our designer mall if you are looking for a place for your store or an additional outlet for your store.


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