☆Ms Hollywood Walk of Fame 2012 Suzie Marenwolf☆

Standing waiting for the results to be announced, listening to the wonderful voice of our evening entertainment Mr. Reno Segall. He then announces that the results are in. Ms Photogenic, then best Talent, 7th place, 6th place, 4th Place, my heart is pounding, my Name still has not been called, they ask the last three Finalists, Janet, Sidney and Suzie, to step forward, my hands are shaking so badly I can hardly move forward. Oh my gosh I am in the top 3, I can't believe I am actually standing in the Front, I want to hold Sidney and Janet's hands, 2nd runner up Sidney Abbot. Now I can't breath, I turn around, the fireworks explode in the air Congratulations, U appears then Z, the im's start flying in I put my hand over my mouth and gasp, breath, breath, tears streaming down my face. I truly can't believe it, its really Me
, I've Just been Crowned Ms Hollywood Famous 2012. I hear Anrol announcing, congratulations Suzie Marenwolf. All I can say is Wow, Wow, Wow. This is really a dream come true, after many pagents, I have really been crowned, and to think I nearly did not make it to the Pagent, as SL, was playing its nasty tricks on me once again, when I logged onto sl my whole inventory decided to load with me. I logged cleared myself, and prayed for a stable connection. When I saw the themes for this Pagent, I was hugely inspired, and set to work right away, looking for the right outfits, and working on ideas, for the swimwear, talent and gown section. I wanted everything to be perfect. Worked on creating great outfits, and started working on my notecard almost immediately, adding and changing the wording. My Talent I based on Judy Garland and the Wizard of Oz, as a child I was terrified yet in awe with this movie, as an adult amazed by it, set to work creating each of the main characters of the Movie. I had such fun working on this pagent. I would like to give my thanks to my wonderful Partner Freddie Mocha, for his encouragement, support, love and wonderful Pictures. To Steve and Anrol, for your love and Support and allowing me to remain as part of the CWS family. to all my friends who are always encouraging me, to Erin for checking my outfits and poses. To our wonderful Judges Lillou, Peach and Sunrae, who is a great inspiration to me.

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