☆Mr Cws 2011 Ajay A.J. Morales☆

Hello to each and everyone, first and foremost I would like to congratulate each and everyone that was with me in this pageant.
everyone did great showed there skills and talents, to Anrol, Steve, trainers and my co-models here in CWS i won't be were I'am right now and achieve the ultimate dream or goal of a model to win a prestigous pageant like this. I'm so blessed to have a bunch of friends who supported me thru thick and thin and being the best critic and the best judge that made me who i'am today. So to all aspiring models keep working, keep practicing dont give up keep on trying till you reach that dream that you wanted when u first started here and I would like to thank Sweet Yuna for being there for me no matter so "Yuna We did it." ( Lol )

Thank you
A.J. Morales

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