☆Ms Beautiful 2011 Crown Winner KiraLyn Destiny☆

I am truly humbled and honored that I won this distinguished CWS crown title. All of the contestants  were amazing and  truly inspiring. I congratulate each and every one of you.

My gratitude goes out  to the judges for selecting me as the winner.

I still can't believe I won. Even after seeing my name up in sky I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
I  was shaking so bad when I realized I was one of the top 3. I started crying like a baby.

I have been with CWS  for 3 years now and time as  zoomed by I have seen models come and go and I have stayed  here out of loyalty . I thank  you Mr. Steve and Ms. Anrol for your kindness, love, dedication and all your hard work, and for giving me the opportunity to be a CWS model.

A thanks also goes out to the hard work and dedication of all the  CWS staff and trainers

To all the ladies who haven't  or didn't win yet never give up you will shine with all your hard work when you should. And you are right where you should be  at CWS! Why? Because they are  " SIMPLY THE BEST"

I thank my friends here for all the opinions and honesty that they give me, and to  my SL Son Georgie for putting up with me always being so busy and not spending enough time with him. I love you Baby Boy!

I dedicate this win to Roy Homebuilder my late husband and friend and to Celina Langer a model from CWS who's life was cut so short by violence.

Thank you
Lots of hugs
KiraLyn Destiny

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