☆Crown Winner our Ms Sophisticated 2011 Ms Vicky Yongbo☆

Hello to everyone reading this. WOW....someone pinch me! My first ever pageant win with  "SIMPLY THE BEST" Classic With Style! Was it worth the  weeks, months even,  of preparation??? Was it worth staying up until 4.30am??? Was it worth the agony of which dress shall i go with?.......HELL YESSSSS!

  This is my second pageant with CWS, and I can honestly say, I have learned  something from both pageants. Its not about the winning, its about the challenge of many different things, from finding the perfect outfits, to styling it with the right makeups,shoes, hair, jewelery, to coming up with that something special.   Of course to win is a fantastic achievement, I mean who does`nt want to win.  But you know the one thing that sticks in my mind most of all, is just the sheer talent that CWS has within its agency.  How fantastic everyone is, the support from the other models,and the style and charisma that walks those runways week after week. I am truly humbled and blessed to be a part of all this, it makes me shine with pride when I tell a person I model with CWS, and what a fantastic place it is, to be connected and associated with.  You all totally rock models, each and every one of you, from Elite models to students, we all add that something in our own special way and contribute to making CWS what it is today, so everyone give yourselves a pat on the back.

Now for my thank you`s, GOSH! Where do I start, well let me start with the two most important people in this corporation, Anrol and Steve, your dedication, commitment, time, effort, numerous hours of work that you put into your business definitely paid off, you and your team have molded each and every model into something special, regardless of background and creed, you have given none believers in themselves, the belief  that they can achieve their dreams.

  To Taby emcee and trainer, you do a totally amazing job, ty lovely lady for all that you put into these pageants, you are an asset to CWS.  Laylah and lisana,  Lay your  humor cracks me up, such a delight and joy to know, keep being you and keep it real girl, you rock muaaah!  lisana lovely lady, has helped so much on the runways, its true what she says, practice most certainly pays off, so keep practicing ladies and gents!   Nina, OMG she is such a sweetheart, everyone should have a Nina in sl, loving, kind , helpful, generous and a great friend, ty Nina, I have listened to your advice and took on board everything, I cannot begin to thank you enough! Hugsss.    Debbiepoo....yes not a typo DEBBIEPOO is right, you are the heart of CWS, like a mother hen,  you are vibrant, passionate, funny (well sometimes) and a breath of fresh air, I thank you most, because you are the one that got me here, I remember way back in January you and I chatting and showing me the walks on the styling runway, you talked sense for once....giggles....I think that day you may have been off the Gin!  Just keep being you Debs, and I hope one day I can follow in your footsteps and  maybe give something back to CWS. muaaaaah! xo A huge massive thanks to Sadie my photographer, to Jinxie, she is my bestie, helps me immensely and me her, so glad you and I met.  That thing called  RL has grabbed her back recently, but she`ll be back, I miss you girly!  Muaaaaaah!

Now that brings me to the most important man in my life, my Zeke, ty for standing by my side, for being my constant, my joy in everything I do, you are what keeps me going darling, i`m truly blessed to have such a wonderful. adoring man in my life! Muahhhh xoxo

My last words are to the models and students out there, keep achieving those goals, keep being who you are and ROCK THE RUNWAY!  Students if I can help you in any way possible, be it a practice on the runway, just IM me, I am more than willing to help anyone achieve their dreams and aspirations!  A mighty big hug to everyone and a big SMOOOOCHEROOOOSKIE!!!

Big Cuddles!
I love you all
Vicky xx

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