☆Ms Sunrae Suntzu Hollywood Walk of Fame 2011 Crown Winner☆

WOW!!!!!  I'm speechless

I know..... I didn't think I would ever say that either.

Thank you judges, Anubis, Eira and Jillian this is truly an honor because it is my first crown win and it reflects the true diligence and dedication that it takes to be a pageant winner.  I have reached one of my most desired goals in modeling, to win a pageant.

Sitting in that judge's chair is the most difficult part of any contest.  Every finalist here is so awesome and talented; I know what a tough decision it was for you.  To all of us finalist, we are all winners, we are simply the best.  Everyone did an awesome job.

Thank you Anrol and Steve for bringing these fun events to us.  Nowhere else in SL can we find such a challenge and the rewards that come with it.
Thank you Laylah, Lisana, Debbie and all of the CWS trainers for your guidance in training us and keeping us on track and putting up with our crap.
Thank you Alex for being patient and understanding of the time I dedicated to this.

It is true, if you have the ability to desire it, the Universe has the ability to deliver it.
I am truly proud and grateful for this win, thank you all so very much.

Sunrae Suntzu

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