☆Ms Valentines Winner☆

Merci for the proud honor of being presented with the title "Ms Valentine 2010"  
Thank you to all the judges and Classic with Style for making the event possible.  Anrol and Steve are the leaders of this big happy family named CwS and I am glad to be a part of it.  All of my contestant friends of course are a part of this family with me and push me to be improve... thank you all.

Tonight my team of success includes Morea Decosta from Morea Styling and Ayiki Takikura from Cre@ctions.  Without their commitment to excellence and wonderful creations for this event, this award would not be mine!   Again, presenting me in the best possible light is Kyrian Lefavre from *Dia*Digital image Arts.  Her work is unbelievable.

Thank you again, for not just the Ms. Valentine 2010 award, but also for accepting me in to the CwS world.

I rezzed in Second Life  in January, 2007.  My first foray into the world of modeling was being bitten by the contest 'bug". I met  Peach Jarvinen  and Arialee Miles who gave me so many tips and training.  I met Anrol and Steve with who's guidance and direction led me to their model auditions where I was sucessful in winning my place as a CwS model on my first try!   With many successes in my short career, I am most proud of my first place win as Ms. International 2009 and Ms. January2009, 1st runner-up Calendar 2009 , 1st Runner-up Hollywood Walk of Fame2009 and 2nd Runner-up Best Model 2009.

Second Life has been very good to me.  My goals are to continue living a charmed life inworld; including my long time relationship with a wonderful guy, on our beautiful sims, we call House of Happiness :)    Modeling success is at the top of my list as a SL goal.

*** I dedicate and share my future sucesses in modeling with our recently lost sister.... Celina Langer.  ***

Thank you all ........ Merci!!