☆Ms Calendar Crown Winner 2012 Sunrae Suntzu☆

Sunrae Suntzu
    Ms Caledar Winner 2012

       This is one of the most exciting and special pageants I have had the pleasure to win.  One reason is because it's the first time I have won two consecutive crowns.  As a model I set my goals extremely high and if I don't meet those goals it does not stop me from striving to achieve them, so this is a big accomplishment for me.  One of the most significant things about this pageant is that every model wore such gorgeous gowns.  I don't think I have ever seen so many stunning gowns in one pageant.  Everyone did such a fabulous job and I believe it was one of the most competitive.  Congratulations to all of you  phenomenal models, it is clear that you take your avocations seriously. 
     Thank you Steve, Lillou and Nany for your high esteem.  I know judging a pageant is very difficult, especially when you have so much amazing talent as was in this pageant.  Thank you for the honor of presenting me the Ms Calendar crown. 
     Thank you Alex for always being so supportive of me.  You are my strength and the most dear and precious person in my life.
     I just can't give enough praise or thanks to our talent team The Dragon Sisters.  Thank you Sidney, Laci and Kiralyn, you were all incredible to have shared this with.  Congrats on your upcoming wedding Laci and congrats to you Sidney on taking 2nd runner up, you were marvelous.  Kiralyn was very sick but she managed to be there for her team.  This shows what a selfless devoted friend Kiralyn is.  You are very dedicated and of the highest integrity.  You are my heroin Kira.
     And a special thank you to Thrishia Denver for doing my body check, without you I would have walked the runway in fifty shades of gray lol.  I appreciate you, thank you.

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