☆Master Stylist 1 2012 Kiralyn Destiny☆

I am truly honored and humbled that i have won the first Master style event at CWS.  All the contestants were amazing and  inspiring. I congratulate each and every one of you. You did an awesome job and kept me on my toes.

My gratitude goes out to the judges for selecting me as the winner, Thank you Mr. Didier,  Ms. DebbieDoo, Ms. Laylah,  and Ms. Vicky.

Mr. Steve and Ms. Anrol Thank you for your kindness, love, dedication and believing in me when i do not. I thank you for the opportunity you gave me today.

To all the ladies who haven't  or didn't win yet never give up you will shine with all your hard work when you should. And you are right where you should be  at CWS!  Why? Because they are  " SIMPLY THE  BEST !

So believe in yourself and others will also believe in you. Your dreams can come true, and remember true beauty ladies comes from within  and shines bright on the out side.

I still can't believe I won can someone pinch me? LOL

With much love and respect again Thank you
KiraLyn Destiny

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