☆Ms Princess 2012 Janet Brink☆

I can not believe I won, I am still in shock!!  We were down to two, and Anrol announces to please watch the fireworks to see the winner....OMG...the letters are slowly rezzing...I see and N....ohhh it is Congrats...ok next line...slowly rezzing...hmmm...I see RIN ....is that Brink?...but noooo...Ms. Princess.  Can not stand the wait...I close my eyes now....look back and there it is...Ms. J. Brink!!  I am crying now, I can not believe it happened to me.....

I would like to start off by thanking Anrol and Steve, and the wonderful staff at Classic with Style, for all the help they have giving me, especially Anrol and Steve for providing the wonderful stages and runways to help me pursue my modeling career.  Thank you Debbie for listening to my endless streams of nonsense,  Lisana for how to look your best on the runway, Vicky for help with Bio and resume, Laylah.....oh what a great class on Blogging....I so took off running with that class. New to the staff,  Didier for all the information on clothes design, and last but not least, a special thanks to Tiffani and the wonderful help she gave me for dancing. The dance was so important to my talent, 28 parts to time to the music, the Advance classes were so valuable.

I have only been here a short four months, and can not believe how far I progressed, I look back on how I had styled for events in November, and am appalled how poorly I had done them.  I learned that you have to pay attention to every detail, to be a good model.  I also learned that this is a place where you can have fun, and meet a lot of wonderful new friends from all over the world.  Everyone here has touched my heart in a special way, and I hope in turn have touched yours.  My Classic with Style family is very important to me, and I love everyone of you.  No place in SL, is there a group like ours so helpful to each other, always willing to share their knowledge with each other.

I would truly like to thank my wonderful partner, Zuri, for all the support she has given me, pushing me into modeling, make all of my wonderful shapes, and giving me a shoulder to cry on.  I thank her for being a mentor to me, and also to so many others that have been a wonderful help.  I so enjoy being here at Classic with Style, and please always call on me if you need help in anyway.  I am always here for all of my modeling friends and family.

Love and Kisses to all,
Janet Brink


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